A few new photos from The Phantom of the Opera US tour

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The Phantom of the Opera: 25th Anniversary (one gifset per song)

19/24 ― Twisted Every Way

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Meet the Company for the new Phantom US Tour:

  • Mark Campbell: The Phantom
  • Julia Udine: Christine
  • Ben Jacoby: Raoul
  • Jacquelynne Fontaine: Carlotta
  • Craig Bennett: Monsieur Firmin
  • Edward Staudenmayer: Monsieur Andre
  • Linda Balgord: Madame Giry
  • Frank Viveros: Piangi
  • Hannah Florence: Meg

Additional Company Members listed here and here.

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The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall (one gifset per song)

2/21. Hannibal

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the strange affair of the phantom of the opera

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AUDIO GIFT: Phantom of the Opera (02-09-2013, first performance of new cast)


Here it is! Gerónimo Rauch’s first show as Phantom :)

Download Act 1 here || Download Act 2 here

Phantom of the Opera

2 Sept 2013 (Mon) - Her Majesty’s Theatre, London

The Phantom of the Opera - Geronimo Rauch

Christine Daae - Harriet Jones

Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny - Sean Palmer

Monsieur Firmin - Andy Hockley

Monsieur Andre - Martin Ball

Carlotta Guidicelli - Lara Martins

Madame Giry - Jacinta Mulcahy

Ubaldo Piangi - Marc Vastenavondt

Meg Giry - Cat Lane

Enjoy! :)

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The Austrian Costumes! 

As requested by RJDaae. 

They really are quite lovely, aren’t they?

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